Thursday, February 11, 2016


All the guys in the 1911 build class are in the exact same demographic as me.    Mid 40s.  Ex military or some sort of gummint service.  Makes half decent money.  Not shabby for a mid 40s dude in the DC area.  It's uncanny.

We are all spending big buck to A) learn something new, and B) get a good pistol out of it.  Sometimes the priority is one over the other.

I am an A) person.  Right now I can put a gun together that is better than a factory pistol.  But that isn't saying much.

I am telling you, you can feed yourself if you can make a drop in 1911 with a decent sear/hammer engagement, get it together and pass safety checks, then get a decent finish on it.  You can churn out two $2000 gun a week like that that will be better than the other $2000 1911s in the gun store display case.  Maybe $500 profit if you cut corners?   Liability is expensive, tho.  It will keep you awake at night.

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