Sunday, March 13, 2016


So, a man believes in UFOs and Bigfoot, so they took his guns away!


Yeah, no, I wasn't there.  I don't know what other schizophrenic behaviors the man was displaying.  I'll get more upset when gun grabbers get more abusive about such tactics to disarm folks.

But this guy could vary well have been profoundly bonkers, and I'll people local to him make the judgment call.

That said.

Everybody believed in UFOs and Bigfoot in the 1970s.  Remember that?  There wasn't a TV series that didn't have a UFO or Bigfoot episode. 

I remember getting the crap scared out of me because of a commercial for a bigfoot documentary.  Hide under the covers irrational fear.  Later, as a boy scout, I was a bit more concerned about bear attacks.  Then that faded.  Now I only hide under the covers to keep from getting cold on particularly cold winter nights.  It was a trailer for this movie, this clip for that movie.

Don't take my guns away because I was afraid of Bigfoot as a child!  The child being me, not some youngish Sasquatch.   Baby Bigfeet would be kinda cute and not scary at all.    As long as mom and dad aren't around.  

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azmountaintroll said...

Legitimacy: abuse it and lose it. It is no longer possible to give the presumption of good faith on any government action involving firearms.