Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blog Bupkis

Hey, how bout that phone post yesterday?

I used that to stave off the Monday blahs, hoping Tuesday would bring me fresh inspiration.


I blame the Leap Year.


The gunsmith has an upper in the store he is calling a 5.56 BLK.  He show us it.  Someone put a magazine with .300 BLK in his 5.56 AR, used the forward assist judiciously, then pulled the trigger.

The bullet almost made it out of the barrel.  Which is AMAZING.  2 inches shy.  The gas port probably prevented full exit. 

No one was hurt, fortunately.  But that bolt and bolt carrier and not coming out easily. 

I like the idea of the .300 BLK.  You can deer hunt with it!  Down load the powder and suppress it and you have the equivalent of a .45 ACP!  (sarcasms) But man, confusing a mag scares me.


Ratus said...

Wow, it didn't go full on grenade kaboom?

Any idea why? Subsonic load, maybe?

Most of these go full grenade.

The only .300 blk I'd consider is maybe a Ruger American ranch.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

He jammed a .300 in a 5.56 and used the forward assist then KABOOM.

That's why.

Never do that.