Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gunskool is over

Now it's time for gun skool.

Shooting class. Instead of gunsmithing class.

This past weekend I qualled to be able to go live fire.  Hooray!  Real bullets. 

The qualification is two parts.  Simulated bullseye target.  You have 300 seconds to shoot 10 rounds.  7 of them have to be inside the bull, nothing on the border.  Don't start shooting until the gong sounds.

It's testing accuracy and whether you can listen to and follow instructions. 

Everything else in the simulator stops when you are done.  So I figured it would stop me at 10 shots.  At about shot number 6 I was getting a question in my mind. 

Uh oh.  I was supposed to count.  Yup, 11 shots means DQ.  At least they told me when I asked.  But I had no idea how many I had fired.  So I sorta guessed.  7 of 9 shots is still passing.  7 of 7 is too.  So I stopped.  I was at number 10.  And missed one and 2 were on the border.  Phew.

Next.  Simulated Pepper Poppers.  30 seconds, get 45 or more.  I got 43.

They let you run a second string.  The whole test over.  This time I counted.  No misses, but 3 on the line.  So passed again. 

On the Pepper Poppers?  45.  After that, just practice.  Lots and lots of pepper poppers.  Now I need to get me a range appointment.

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