Monday, March 7, 2016

No CCWing?

The Beard and the Contrarian.  Co-workers.

Both are very progun, very pro 2A.

But if the governor came to their houses and presented them with a free CCW and gave them the best belt and holster available for them and their firearm...  They still don't think they would CCW. 

Which is fine.  It's not for everyone, certainly.  I'd rather have folk be that instrospective and know that it's not for them than the other way round.

But they are all former military, and don't have a Quaker, non-violent, could never kill another human no matter what thing going on.

But I am still curious as to why, and asked them.

For another co-worker, the Marine, he is confident of his rifle skill but not his handgun skill, so that is why for him.  He'd OC a rifle everywhere if it was more socially acceptible.

For Contrarian... it's just a hassle. 

For the Beard, similar.  He is a car guy.  Sometimes he wonders if he should carry jumper cables.  He doesn't.  And that one time he needed em in the past 8 years, well... someone came along with jumper cables.

All three would want more pistol training before seriously considering.  Another sound impulse. 


Marty said...

Now that BR has her CCP she is not rushing out to carry daily. She just now feels more comfort that she can if she sees stuff going sideways. She does want a shoulder holster...

Robert Fowler said...

" the Marine, he is confident of his rifle skill but not his handgun skill,"

The Marines are big on rifle skills. We were taught that "Every Marine is a Rifleman", From the lowest private to the Commandant. In boot camp, we fired 250 round through our M14's and 5 rounds of 45. I had to learn my pistol skills on my own. I still like rifles, great for longer range work.