Saturday, March 19, 2016


Lots of smart and skilled people are training folks to shoot pistol. (some not so good, but i try to avoid them)

Grip harder on it!  20% harder!  20% harder still!  HARDER!

And they do.  And shoot better.  So this was my thing.  I did that.  Seemed to shoot better.

Then I run into a trainer that has me grip light.  Like a bad handshake, light.  Like holding a baby bird, light.

Ima gonna limp wrist it!  Ima gonna not have any control on recoil for shot number two!

But it doesn't limp wrist.  And yes it flips up but somehow it flips right back to front site on target.  And my shoulders are relaxed.  And my arms are relaxed.  And my neck...  And I am hitting fast and accurate.  In theory.  I am unlearning some other bad habits too.

Two TOTALLY different training and shooting techniques.  Similar results.

So far.  More testing needed.  Check back later. 

I post this with the whole, "Huh.  More than one way to skin this cat, I guess."

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Jerry The Geek said...

Oh yeah, I had that problem. I have big hand, and had been shooting pistols with 'double-stack' magazines for a while. Then I went back to 'single-stack' and my hands were too big; I felt as though I had to strangle the grip.

"I am going to drop the gun!"

Didn't happen, of course (I had been spoiled by shooting pistols that fit my hand), and the key to shooting accurately, quickly, is not to put tension on your shoulders and back.

You are fortunate in finding a trainer who knows what he's talking about, and doesn't assume you're a fool.