Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This is Jim Rockford

So, I'm watching the Rockford Files.  I try to catch an episode a week, just like it was running on ABC or whatever. 

Jim isn't a fan of firearms, but firearms make their way onto the show.  The latest gun that caught my eye was a nickel plated one of these.  (at least I am pretty sure.  Well, I am cheating some because she mentions both similar models, that Dreyse and the FN M1900.)  Then, the very next morning, Tam does that review.  It was on the floor, away from the body in the hotel room that Jimmy broke into, by the drapes.  He picked it up with a pencil and I noticed the odd barrel placement.  UNDER the spring.  He picket it up with a ballpoint pen and had trouble getting the pen out of the barrel when he replaced it on the floor (he can't be leaving his prints about, after all.)

You know, standard TV depiction of police/PI work.  Pens used to pick up guns by the barrel, don't smudge the doorknobs by using a handkerchief on your hand to open doors, and wrap sensitive evidence in that same hanky. 

It seems that even the rich people lead relatively ordinary live with mediocre accomoadations back in 1974.  Or at least that protrayed by Hollywood.  The country clubs feel no fancier than an Applebys.

WRT that gun.  Let's check the firearm database.  HA!  It was the FN.

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