Friday, December 30, 2016


So, Roberta says to me, "T-Bolt!  Are you using pre-shredded cheese in the kitchen?!  MADNESS!  That's an abomination unto Nuggan.  You saw who won the election in November.  If there is one policy of that man I can get behind is he want's to make America grate again.  DO IT!"

Because she felt so strongly about it I figured I better get in line.

There are two types of people in my life that give me advice.  Those I always safely ignore, and those that I listen closely to and weigh the implications.  Roberta is one of the latter.  I guess there is a rare third category.  People that suggest I do one thing and I automatically do the opposite and know I am making the right decision thereby.  Jimmy Carter, History's Greatest Monster lies in this special third category.  

Roberta informed me there is some... extras... in that pre-shredded stuff, too, and I might get better performance eschewing it.  Out with the grater!  For the grater good!  When a recipe calls for cheese I want to just put CHEESE in.

A homemade white sauce with cheese recipe called for parmesian and cheddar.  This would then go on pasta to for baking in ze casserole dish.  Instead of that I had to get pre-shredded parmesian.  It was all I could find.  Sad now.  I will do better next time.  But I cut back that cheese's volumetric contribution and went with Cabot extra sharp and Colby.  Just cuz.  Should be much better even with the pre-shedded.

Shredding a pound of cheese is work.

Performance improvement I'd like to see is less grease separation on re-heats as the butter takes leave of the white sauce.

Prepped this casserole Monday, cooked Wednesday, reheat Thursday leftovers and now, I report....

Good flavor, fresh and redone.  It's basically homemade mac n cheese with italian sausage and bacon, how can that go real bad?  But otherwise, still super oily, but aha!  The grease isn't butter colored.  More Trump colored.  Orange.  I tried a different variety of Johnsonville Italian Sausage.  Mild instead of Sweet.  The mild has a hint of spice and that spice is red and thus the grease is the same color as PEOTUS.  Eureka!  So I just need to do grease minimization from that sausage angle next time.  The whitesauce with cheese may be good. 

Grated Cheese.  Yes, Roberta.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

So much Oil George Bush wants to invade my casserole dish

JayNola said...

Personally I'd try to find something besides Johnsonville kinda Italian sausage. I concur that precooking the sausage will yield better results. I've been employing my grill for this a lot lately.