Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I picked the wrong time to do so.  Ah well, better something than nothing.

I am unloading a Series 80 Combat Commander I have no use for.  Because of gunsmithing school I am flush with custom 1911s.  Plus a Gen 1 Sig 229 with that DAK trigger, in .40.  I'll be lucky to get a nibble on that.  All in an effort to take the sting out of buying this one.

One thing I am not doing is selling a problematic gun to make it someone else's problem.  Nothing wrong with either.  But what if I had a gun that just wouldn't run for me, and I didn't want it, and needed money, and buyer's should beware... Would I sell that? I dunno if my conscience would let me. I certainly wouldn't hide the problem and price it accordingly.

And I am realistic on pricing for these sound guns.  I'm not the guy that wants $1200 for his used Kimber that someone can still get for 8 bills or less.  New.  No, it is probably not a collectors item, but good luck with $1200. 

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NotClauswitz said...

That's a nice gun we can't get in California unless they make a limited 10-round magazine for it and the company makes it drop-proof and spends $10k for the CA DOJ test. Bah. So I bought a '53 International Harvester to keep the old '43 1911A1 companion.