Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Some range trips

Well, I had a magazine.  Was there 9 rounds in it or fifteen?  Let's see,  click on the 10th shot, so...  But wait!  That was a dud round.  Still, good shooting on that top left target.  Initial 9 shots, very relaxed shooter, and all inside the 9 ring.   The other targets are tres with paused between.  None too shabby except for that one, upper right.  Did a much better job focusing on the front sight.  Compared to last round, this was a good outing.  For me. All relative, of course.  That was on Wednesday the 30th, and here is the score.

First round of Tre's:  16 + 27 + 28x+ 27 + 27 =125x
Second round:           22 + 24 + 27 + 26 + 25 = 124

Is my math off?  Hmmm.  That upper left, with 9 shots, scored 86 xx


Then the following Sunday I went to ESS for playing with the 9mm I just got.

Oooo, lots of fun.  The trigger.  It breaks so fast and easy it feels like I am jerking it, in my mind.  Just, it goes.  Initial ranges were 3 yards, then 5, and making a golf ball sized hole.  So after 30 rounds of .22, then 40 rounds of 9mm, I am tired and the range is now at 7 yards and I start to heel and over think it.

Note to self.  Sam notices when you correct yourself.  YOU should notice it too, and remember what you did to self-correct.  Sam says it is always better when I do do so. Correct myself.  Maybe if I remember better I will have to correct myself less.

All Federal white box practice ammo.  73 rounds.  One stove pipe FTE on the 10th shot of the day, magazine 2.  Magazine 2 also leaves the last round unstripped on lockback.  Will correct it at the gun smith on Saturday.  Maybe get my new mags for it then as well.

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Old NFO said...

Much better than where you were a year ago! :-)