Monday, December 12, 2016

Range Work

So, been shooting the new 9mm.  25 feet, 115 grain Federal.  Up to 150 rounds fired.  Only failure was the One magazine not locking back correctly, and round #10 stovepiped.  Lubed up the gun after that and no other problem since.

Dunno how many rounds through it before I got it.  At least 250.  Sam tests guns and only considers them ready for sale if they can do 250 shots without a failure.

But we'll pretend for the purposes of the log book that I am at 150.   This is one of the latest targets, all with similar results.

I circled in yellow one shot that tried to get away.

What do you see?

Upper right.

Heeling, milking, shooting flaw.  But what do you NOT see?

Nothing in the lower right.  My old flaw area.

Also, this gun shoots a little higher than point of aim.  At least that I am used to.  Shift the above four targets 3 inches left so that that group is more on the centerline....

But that has always been my goal.  When I was low and right I wanted to be left more and low I could take care of.

I'm sure Sam will have a new thing to teach me to help with that.  Whatcha bet it'll go to a firmer grip from the rather relaxed grip I have now...  We knew this day was coming.

Another possible runner up, what I am doing with the trigger finger pad.   See the .22 shots in this one.  Right, but not high.  Lollipop hold might be in my sight picture future, but play with bullet weights first.

There are two positions of this professionally tuned trigger when your finger is on it.  It's going bang or it is about to go bag.  It's hard to sneak up on the break and surprise myself.  Travel is pretty short, too. 

Did his simulator training last Saturday, too.  Always fun, but this time I reflected how I have improved my shooting in the compared to a year and  half ago.  The Vision Quest continues.

Can't play with it for a week or two, so it is back to the .22.  I am getting that one magazine tuned, the other magazines I ordered for it, and holsters made, so it is at the smith's til January, maybe.  

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