Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dang Millennials

Have you noticed that the school shooter have all been Millennials?  And to define boundaries, and for it to be easily remembered I define the generations thusly:

Greatest:  The last of the Indian Pennies to Coolidge
Silent:  Hardinge to the end of WWII
Baby Boomers:  Hirohsima to JFK Dallas
Generation X:  Kennedy to Hinkley-Reagan
Millennials:  "I hope you are all Republicans" to the Twin Towers.
Gen Z, or whatever...  they will get some other name I am sure.

Should I really be putting this at the feet of a whole generation, like there is something inherently wrong with one birth cohort?  When it could just as easily be hard luck coming their way, and the trend just happened to appear when they stepped up to the plate.  Or policies from old generation put them in a position where the pressure just built and built?  Policies like how discipline works in schools now (a long downward trend that was in place before me), how parents hover over their children (not latch key kids, these), how safety is so obsessed over (bike helmets)...

But it just so happens that school massacres started with this generation.  Boomers had their own thing going on, but it rarely involved children killing children.  Gen X?  Lucky maybe.  The first massacre was Columbine, and the shooters were the first cohort of the Millennials.  The last shooter was born just before 9/11...  I guess this next generation, we will have to see.  But the youngest Millennial looks to graduate this year.

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