Monday, November 5, 2018

Democrat Lessons Learned

I think the Democrats learned a lesson in 1994.  They lost a 50 year majority because of a gun control law.

With only a few exceptions, they avoided the issue after for 20 years or so.  When a candidate DID support gun control, that candidate failed.  See:  AlGore.  Oh sure, they were still FOR gun bans.  They just thought it would hurt them come election time. They still kinda avoid it.

Let's see, if they lose big tomorrow, what other lessons will they learn?  Don't be crazy?  Don't throw the rule of law overboard?  Don't wrestle Trump in a mud pit, as he likes it?

You know, if the Dems tweaked their platform and weren't hostile to gun rights...  Kept everything else.  Hillary would be president now.  Appointing pro gun and pro abortion judges.  If such a thing existed, and it would if the Dems weren't anti-gun and hadn't been for a while.  It'd be more like "pro gun and pro abortion judges".

If the Dems were like that, I wonder if the GOP would have gone anti-gun sometime in the past as well?

Whoa.  What does Spock look like in this universe?  Does he have a goatee?


azmountaintroll said...

Democrats can't give up gun control, because it isn't really about the guns. Grinding their opponent's faces into the dirt is an integral part of what being a Democrat is all about, and trying to take our guns is just the sort of insult they live for.

Jerry The Geek said...

Well ... not Hillary. Surely, could there be a worse choice?