Thursday, February 7, 2019

If it saves one life

Some Connecticut legislative busybody wants to hike taxes on ammo to kill the gun culture and if "it saves one life" it will be worth it.

What if that ammo tax kills somebody?  Kills just one person?  Is that a reason to not pass the law and to impeach the lady for even bringing it up? 

What if a person can't train or practice effectively because of cost and because of those rusty skills fails to defend themselves effectively from a home invader, huh, Jillian?  Why do you hate poor people, ma'am?

You 'if it saves one life' argument is silly.  And wrong.  Even as a mere emotional appeal, forgetting the fallacy and the human rights aspect of this subject.  Because you can just as easily say CUT ammo taxes.  If it saves just one life won't it be worth it?


McChuck said...

I propose a tax of $10,000,000 on any Democrat filing for office at any level, anywhere in the country.

I propose a tax of $1,000,000 per week of gestation on every abortion.

If it saves just one life...

Windy Wilson said...

The "If it saves one Life" trope is so based on speculation, it is a recipe for paralysis, because it can, as you demonstrate, work either way. In the case of government passing new feel-good harmful laws, is actually a good thing.