Friday, February 1, 2019

Your NRA membership?


"Upgrade your Endowment Life Membership to Patron Life Membership!"

Or what?  My Endowment Life Membership expires?  

Did I die?

You can tell me if I am dead, I can take it!

JayG, did the NRA get a copy of my death certificate that I don't know about?


Tim said...

I got that email this morning as well, hmmm, last I checked I was and Endowment member. I fished it out of my spam folder to read. I guess it went to the right place to begin with.

Divemedic said...

Your life membership ends when you die. If you aren't a patron, you might begin voting democrat.

Jonathan H said...

My membership expires in June ... I have so far gotten 3 breathless letters AND a phone call pushing me to renew now.
Spoiler alert: I'm not planning to renew; I'm planning to give my money to somebody who fights for what I believe in, or at least who doesn't claim to fight for me and then give me up instead...
I'm leaning towards SAF over GOA but not yet certain.