Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Over Tired

And over worked.

Work has been kicking my ass.  But in a good way.  Beats unemployment, too.  But busy busy, making the donuts.

Lots less time to skylark on the innernet and think up blog topic, tho.

Lessee.  A buddy has a son in high school that was given an assignment to interview a local person.  He live in Hanover PA.  His thought was to interview the Flavor Engineers at the Utz factory or Snyders, both local concerns.  And dad said, "that's a great idea and I am going to be sure this happens!"  So it did, but that's not the important bit.  He got a tip from the Engineers.  Put a Lance Lemon Cookie in the freezer.  The cold changes the experience of the icing. 

304,000,000 is a big deal.  That's a LOT of guns.  Yeah, some are the same gun resold, but that don't make it NOT a lotta gun. 

I like beer.  Too much.  So I go through periodic dry spells.  Voluntarily.  Maybe shed a pound, give my liver a break.  Be sure I can quit and that it isn't a problem.  No bigs.  I'm in a dry spell right now.  Before the dry spell it'd been a little while since I noticed gout-like symtpoms. 

I like liverwurst.  Too much.  Got some a few weeks into the beer ban.  Gout-like symptoms.  Ah-ha!  It's the liver.  Good to know.  Science!

Let's see.  This post has snacks, snacks, NICS, beer, sammich.  Sheesh.

Oh, yesterday was the 110th anniversary of bakelite.  Formaldehyde, carbolic acid, and asbestos fiber binder.  Mmm mmm good. 


Windy Wilson said...

Wait, wait, WAIT! Are you saying that during your "wet" spells, you had fewer gout-like symptoms? So the idea that a little alcohol in your blood makes it slipperier enables your blood to flow easier and especially out of your feet isn't a myth from the boozers (which is what my ex who was pathologically afraid of alcohol wanted me to believe. She went to a winery with me and I swear, she tasted wine the way I would something I suspected had arsenic in it)?

jon spencer said...

A liverwurst on good crackers with a bit of grape jelly is good.
Sounds odd, but the combination works.