Friday, February 1, 2019

Range 28 Jan

42 rounds of AE . No malfunctions in the gun.  Plenty of malfunctions in the old ass shooter with no stamina anymore. 

What I've noticed since I went from 'absolute crap' to 'merely crap' in the shooting department is how often I will get 2 consecutive shots in the same hole.  (green circle)  I have to bring the target back because I am thinking "you know, I KNOW when I shoot so bad it leaves the paper and that didn't happen this time and there are only 3 holes in the target and that was my fourth shot of the day.... I gotta see."  The one hole looks a little bigger than one shot. 

Also, it is so easy for an impatient shooter to get ahead of themselves in a string and perform poorly.  And I am an impatient shooter

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