Saturday, February 2, 2019

Not the first time

Identifying the super racist person as a Republican even though it is clearly a Democrat?

That's happened before.

I remember an NPR interview of Robert Caro, biographer of LBJ, and he was discussing the Civil Rights act of 1964, calling out that damn dastardly Republican Speaker of the House, John McCormack of Massachusetts, by name.  He was just so damn racist, that speaker.  So Caro labeled him a Republican, that Speaker, on the RADIO.

In the early 80s my 9th grade history teacher talked of Democrats controlling the house since the beginning of time. I remember that vividly

And in the early 90s Newt won the gavel, first Republican since  Ike. I remember that.

I am man of a certain age.  Not like Caro, born in the Silent Generation.  So the history of who controlled the House left more of a mark.  But it had been 3 presidents since GOP had control, and it would be 6 more before they'd get control again when the Civil Rights Act was passed. 

But there is a narrative to pursue these days and Historians and Wikipedia can't be calling out Democrats as vile racists, but rather MUST mislable Democrats, who invented racism in this country, as Republicans.  So downplay the Demo opposition to the Civil Rights Act and sweep that McCormack guy, #1 or #2 in the Demo leadership since before WWII, under the rug.

If you did something good, you must be a Democrat or it was of no consequence.  If you did something bad you must be a Republican and be shunned, according the NPR and CNN and... others. Caro AND LBJ can eat a bowl of Nixons. 


ProudHillbilly said...

Seems to me that I read where a university no less installed a plaque honoring Lincoln. In which they referred to him as a democrat.

Windy Wilson said...

In this case, the (R) after Northham's name means, "Racist." Come on, it was 1984, he was a full grown man, it was his Medical School yearbook, not his High School yearbook, so he either knew or should have known, and that's been enough to get offending Republican politicians to retire from public life so completely that they hire people to buy groceries for them anonymously.