Tuesday, August 13, 2019


There are three folks on/were-on National Review that were not Metrocons.  Jim Geraghty, Charlie Cooke, and Kevin Williamson.

I met Charlie and Jim at a NRA convention.  And, truthfully, I dunno if either still works at the Fortnightly.  I haven't been reading them much.  I lost interest when a lotta staff went Democrat in 2017.

Jim seems to be a metro type, just lucked out and didn't get the 'guns are icky!' reflex.  He isn't too experienced shooting.  I remember some First Time Shooter posts he put up.  His heart is in the right place.

Charlie is a British expat, fresh faced brand new US citizen.  So he comes from a different place.

Now Kevin.  He's from Texas.  He's actually commented on my blog back when blogs were still a thing.  He's had some odd flights, but not on guns.


(Oops. forgot Robert Verbruggen.)

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