Sunday, August 25, 2019

What Range do you Shoot At

Oh?  You mean how far away do I place the target?

At the usual local indoor range I set it at 25 feet.  8 yards.  When I don't set it at 75 feet: 25 yards.  And I always tell when I shoot at 25.  My DA revolver work at 8 yards looks like my SA 1911 work at 25.

This indoor range has a maximum length of 75 feet, hence the 25 yards.

And they have a line on the floor where they say it is the minimum.  That line is at 25 feet.  If you set a target closer than that, the range officers will say something.  Some folks need it to be 10 feet to hit the paper.  No bueno.  There is much less wear and tear to the range when the bad shots have to shoot something further away.   Because angles.

Now, the range people know my name by heart.  They know I am ok.  I am a regular.  They know I don't shoot the ceiling or the target trolley and am pretty reliable.  If I was the ONLY one there I could probably set the target closer than 25 feet if I wanted.  I'd never set such a poor example in front of witnesses that are range users.  And I have never set it to closer.  Why risk my good reputation with them?  Accident happen.  Better follow the house rules.

I'd like to do some holster work, but the only people that do that are the local Jessup jail guards when doing their training and qualification.   THEY are usually the ones that shoot the floor and ceiling and range bench.  Gives me the shivers.

This is Maryland.  I am lucky I have a range convenient at all. 

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