Monday, August 12, 2019


So the full court press is on again, it seems, for more gun control.  Not letting a crisis go to waste.

From what I gather being away for the computer for so long, folks want a nationwide Red Flag law Or "confiscate without evident due process on anyone the government feels like that week, but ostensibly angry folks that look about to snap."  I say without evident due process because you already have some states with Red Flag laws with due process protection baked in.  But I've seen reports of many confiscations, but no reports of guns returned after the due process.

But there isn't a Red Flag law on the tarmac.  There is a House passed universal background check bill which boils down to universal gun registration (and don't work in reducing murders/deaths).  The Senate could convene any day and pass that in seconds.  Mitch is under pressure but so far seems to be dragging his feet.  Which is good.  In that he says wait a few weeks vis emergency reconvene.  Maybe that will be enough to fend it off.

Trump on the other hand is making gun control noises.  Never firm on our side he sees doing such as a way to gather in some more votes.  And doesn't appear worried he'll lose others.  I don't like it, no sir.

And the NRA is hamstrung by infighting.  Is it true the NRA bought LaPierre a $6 million house so he'd leave?  Worth it. So worth it.  So who will be his replacement?

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