Thursday, August 22, 2019

Range 20 August

Been about a month.  Let's apply last month's lessons:

"Shoot 2.  Then wait.  2 more.  WAIT.  Final.  Don't train myself to fire to click click click click.  So, relax, and try to remember on a J-Frame that that front sight has to be nestled well in that trench and you still have to do the job with the finger.  There you go."

Ok.  J-Frame again.

Decent job.  Halfway

First was red, then yellow, then green, then 4 shots to the head purple (where was the fifth?  still in the cylinder and that is labeled #5) and the last, and best, cylinder was the blue one.  The only really marginal hit was to the left ear, dammit.

I get better with the revolver with practice.  No first shot genius here.