Saturday, April 27, 2013

All over, I guess

Now that gun control failed in the Senate, the news has commentary has moved on.  Oh sure, there is a burble or two.  "The Boston Jihadists are why we need gun control!" and "I bet some Bostonians kinda wished they mighta had at least a pistol during that lockdown..."  And post Marathon gun and ammo sales are semi-surging again.  (Man 2013 is a good year to be an FFL...)  But what they have to surge, I have no idea.  At this moment...  little is out there.

So it's ok that the metrocons are moving on to the latest subject.  They, for the most part, comported themselves well during the mad dash by Bloomberg to do something.  I wish they had been able to help in states like MD, and NY, and Conn, but really?  What are the chances there?

Now...  about that supply problem...

Reports from a the Contrarian about the the Nation Gun Show last weekend suggested while we are nothing like back up to stock in supplies, there were guns available.  And they seemed to be staying available.  The panic is over and people are waiting for the prices to come back down and leaving guns on the table.   Now it's just waiting for the ammo supply pipeline to fill back up and the all round prices to normalize.   

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