Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gorilla Tips

Er... Guerrilla...

Sorta like a modern version of Roger's Rangers Standing Orders 

Lots of good stuff in both, and stuff that goes beyond small unit infantry tactices

The ones that make me nod my head of go "hmmmmm..." and apply to things other than patrolling in indian territory:

Keep your safety selector switch on “safe” unless you’re killing someone.  firmly believe a negligent discharge in the field should be a hanging offense

Inspect and test all magazines before conducting an operation. Ensure they feed properly and inspect for bent/damaged feed lips, weak springs, etc. Mark every magazine you own and if one fails to perform in training or inspection, throw the thing away. DO NOT PUT IT UP FOR SALE ON TOP OF YOUR GUNSHOW TABLE

Forget about shooting center-of-mass on a standard silhouette and for CQB. Yes, you should still shoot for the center of the largest piece of a concealed enemy that shows, but if you can see the torso, aim for the hips and the head

Practice shooting while you are moving. My take is: Inside of twenty meters with a rifle, and inside ten meters with a handgun, it is possible to get solid, well-placed aimed shots to the vital targeting areas of a moving hostile.  If you’re that close to a guy who is shooting at you, and not solidly behind cover, you BETTER be moving!

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