Friday, April 5, 2013


It is done.  All over but the shouting.  Maryland falls a little further down the rathole.

Feel sad for me in this 2nd Amendment shithole.  But feel sad for yourself too in you 2nd A. friendly state.  Until it starts to roll back in states like mine, the recent expansion, now, in YOUR state is in jeopardy.  Bloomberg and his minions are just saving you for later.  While the enemy has momentum HERE, he thinks he can one day make gains THERE.


A SImple Man said...

Welcome to the nightmare. Posted with love from the Peoples Republic of New Jersey.

Wilson said...

When one American is deprived of his rights we all lose.

Tam said...

Got more gun legislation in our statehouse this year, too. Looks like we may be getting suppressors for hunting and there's likely some form of guns in schools bill in the works.

We may have to wait for SBS's 'til next year, but it's coming, possibly along with Constitutional Carry.