Saturday, April 13, 2013

Black Helicopters

I'm not the type that goes in for conspiracy theories.  It's just not in me to give them anything beyond the briefest cursory attention.  And then, mostly for the entertainment value. 

For instance.  I don't worry about Black Helicopters swooping in to take over the country for some one-world overlord government.  That is, I didn't.  Not until Joe Biden ridiculed Americans and implied to everyone there was nothing to worry about.  Then I went, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit..."

There is only one thing left that will not only confirm their existence, but mean they are on their way to get me RIGHT then.  If Jimmy Carter says there is no such thing as Black Helicopters then you can bet your last round of 7.62 that there is.

[Jimmy has informed my political existence for as long as I was aware of politics.  He is my test case by we synch up perfectly.  If I need to take a position on some unfamiliar regulation or policy I check out what Carter has said about it.  Then I fervently take the opposing view.   This rule of thumb has worked for me perfectly and I will have a reason to miss the monster when he finally shuffles off that mortal coil.]

 Anyway...  Black Helicopters.  They are almost definitely a thing.  I know because Pluggy Joe says they aren't.  You definitely should be worried. 


Old NFO said...

They are out there... Used to watch them every day...

Geodkyt said...

Now, NFO, you know those aren't really "black". . . they're just really, really dark green or dark grey (depending on who's runnin' 'em.)

Black is far too dark to hide in the night sky. . .