Sunday, March 1, 2015

Every What?

"Mom's Demand"

I don't like the new names. I have to look at em twice to realize what I am looking at and that they are gun ban astroturf groups. And that's me. I don't know what regular non-gunnie types think. It's so confusing.

Brady and MAIG and VPC weren't much better, but through repetition we trained the public to know what they are.  Gun Banning groups.  I don't wanna have to retrain everyone again.

Why can't they have a name that goes with what they are about? They USED to. Handgun Control, Inc. I know I know, they have to obfuscate what they are about or they'll get even less popular support, but they already get next to none when someone thinks about the issue for more than 5 minutes....

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Bubblehead Les. said...

But they aren't trying to reach the Voter that takes those 5 minutes to think. Their Target Audience is the Numbskulls who can't pay attention to a Topic longer than a Kardashian Tweet.