Monday, March 9, 2015

Noobs and CCW.

Did a light anthropological study...

A mess of co-workers are relatively gun friendly, but not gunnies.  They are also Marylanders.  Of this group most own one pistol.  And no holster unless a cheap one came with gun in that little plastic case. (Keep the holster stuff and upgrade the 2 mags to Chip McCormick or something Springfield.)

My question posed to them:  "Let's say Maryland went all carry, and the next day you had an urgent need to carry and could then do it legally, and a plethora of holsters were presented to you, at no cost to you.  Select the style, on instinct, you grab to use that first day."

These are people that haven't put a single thought into it until right then.  I then listed a buncha types and what they did.
  1. pocket
  2. ankle
  3. SOB 6 o'clock
  4. IWB 4 or 7 oclock
  5. OWB 3 or 9 o'clock 
  6. shoulder, Sam Spade styel
  7. shoulder, Miami style
  8. appendix
  9. WWII 82nd Airborne chest style
  10. drop leg with a trench coat

One chose SOB, like Axel Foley.  Everyone else went for a shoulder holster or 82nd.  None Miami, tho.  That just, to them, seemed like a bad idea.

I did ask them in winter, when they were already wearing jackets much of the time.  If I asked them in August and they might have gravitated elsewhere.

Me, I actually carry where I can.  And it's usually pocket carry.  ~sigh~.  I don't own an ankle holster and am not itching to get one.  I fall on my ass once every other year so SOB is sorta out.  I'd prefer OWB, but it's hard to cover.  I have IWB holsters but they could be more comfy.  I like shoulder holsters and a 44 magnum just disappears under a jacket for me.  I wouldn't appendix carry on a bet and don't do any repelling so drop leg is sorta out.


Your Correspondent said...

Wait... is it "anthropological", or "archaeological"?
Do Marylanders remember one-hand guns?
Actually, reading it makes me shiver recalling the innocent times I was abroad in the Northeast, particularly including the land of the Berkshires, with my .45 tucked into my Kawasaki's baggage.
I honestly never imagined that unloaded, in a case, not immediately accessible, and separate from the ammunition could get me three years!
Thank heavens for
Meanwhile, a J or LCR in the pocket is what pretty much everyone does, more or less, eventually.
'Cept that old Kaw driver with the Colt.

Old NFO said...

I actually like ankle carry. But I use a good quality holster (Galco). It's a great BUG or primary carry when I'm not wearing a jacket. Yes, it takes practice to get a smooth draw, and no, it's not as fast as an OWB, but it works. Like anything else, it takes practice.

Angus McThag said...

Miami Classic II for me! Tampa is close enough to Miami. Not a Bren 10 though...

At least when it's cool enough to wear something like a flannel shirt or bowling shirt over it.

Come summer it's pocket carry and a different gun.

abnormalist said...

for me IWB supertuck is the preferred option. Even in cargo shorts and a T-shirt its plently of concealment and comfort.

really a happy medium in that it lets me carry a service sized weapon (45 double stack 4" barrel in my case) with all day levels of comfort, and nothing there levels of concealment.

Arthur said...

I shoulder carry a Sig P228 year round in one of those fabric shoulder holsters. In the summer, I just wear it under a button up shirt

The Gen2 deep conceal universal works pretty well even if you're moving around a lot - I can change the oil in my jeep with it on. It beats the hell out of any of the belt carry options. I can still get to it while wearing a seatbelt without having to undo the seatbelt, when I go to the bathroom the gun isn't clunking around my ankles, and I don't have to change my wardrobe depending on whether I'm carrying or not.

Kristophr said...

Pocket carry is fine if you have a proper pocket holster.