Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Hey, I'd LOVE to learn how to weld!  Turn in a gun, get some knowledge

Too bad I don't have a $40 junk gun.  I know where a ruined RIA is for sale on consignment CHEAP that will never be anything but unsafe to fire, but they want $300 sumthin for it.  That'd be perfect.

Prolly MIG welding?  I'd prefer to learn TIG, but, the basics. 


Comrade Misfit said...

Well shit, just go buy a Hi-Point!

B said...

learn to stick weld first, then MIG, then TIG.

GO to a a gunshow and buy a used LORCIN for a hunnerd bucks...

RollsCanardly said...

I'd take a slightly different tack than B - I'd learn how to gas weld, then TIG, then stick, finally followed by MIG. Gas welding skills translate very well to TIG.

ZerCool said...

Rolls speaks truth. Gas is an art, getting just the right puddle... then when you get to TIG, it's "more pedal, more puddle" and a little easier. (I was OK at TIG and awful at gas.)

Stick is... beauty in a raw ugly sort of way. It's easier than gas, but things like striking an arc well are a tough skill to master.

And any idiot can MIG weld, especially with some of the high-end welders that auto-adjust your voltage and line feed.

Check your local community college or VoPro/Extension center. I took my class at the local VoPro for about $250.