Monday, March 16, 2015


With Hillary more likely to spend January 21st 2017 in a federal penitentiary than in the White House, I thought I'd inform you about the Dem's second choice. You haven't been properly introduced.

Martin 'Littlefinger' O'Malley. Former Governor of Maryland. And a man that couldn't get his chosen successor across the governor-finish line last year in a state that is 66% registered Democrat.

What's he like? Shmarmy mean leftist with a smile. He plays guitar in rock bands in Fells Point Bawlmer sometimes. Fells Point is the waterfront area that went from waterfront ruins to dive bars to trendier joints that the kids all like. The last place in the city like that was the rail yard area that got bulldozed to put in stadiums.

Martin was born the year Nancy Pelosi left the city to head west.

Ever see the TV series 'The Wire'? That's Baltimore when O'Malley was mayor. His part was played by Aidan Gillen on that show. He play a shmarmy philanderer. And there are similar rumors about the real O'Malley... So if you liked the gonadal exploits of Billy J. Clinton, O'Malley may help your nostalgia.

Aidan Gillen also plays Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish in the HBO Series 'Game of Thrones'. Now THAT character reminds me of O'Malley. Give Baelish more of a Leftist outlook and less murder and you got O'Malley.

And now that Littlefinger has let Hillary 'Arryn-Tully' Clinton fall through the Moon Door, I guess he's next in line for the throne.

He hates guns, loves taxes, loves hiking the minimum wages, and think he brought jobs to Maryland during the Great Recession. We are the Democrat state next to DC when a Dem president needed to be doling out gummint jobs whist rapidly and unsustainably expanding government size, of COURSE Maryland made out. This is a company town we are a suburb of. Jobs didn't do so well in Baltimore or the rest of the state. And the black middle class in Prince Georges county is still struggling because Obama doesn't HAVE to throw the black middle class anything. Who ELSE are they gonna vote for?! Well, now they gotta vote for a pasty Irish guy. If they don't, they are racist.


Emails I have gotten from him lately.  He is all for government takeover and control of the Internet and is against oil drilling off the East Coast.  And he thinks wrongly Barbara Mikulski is a nice person.


Old NFO said...

He's even scarier than Hildabitch...

ProudHillbilly said...

Have you noticed that the pics circulating out there are if him showing his pecs? Because we are way beyond sexism...

Let's see - 41 tax and regulation hikes. All fortune 500 businesses gone. A majority of residents reporting that they would leave the state if they could. His annointed successor couldn't win in a deeply blue state. Yep - first choice for libs.

David said...

Sorry, but the email issue is already fading for Hillary, and will be no more of a speed bump to her than a cigarette butt is to a HMMWV.

I don't like it, but the thing is that the kind of people who would vote for Hillary don't care about the email scandal. People who do care about it (like us) were never going to vote for her anyway. She knows this.

Neither Congress nor anyone else has the biscuits to pursue this all the way, so all she need do is lay low a couple of weeks and it will all blow over.

Thus Hillary will still be the Dem nominee, and the GOP is going to do its level best to shove Jeb Bush in our faces. Then conservative voters will stay home by the millions, and it's President Hillary time.

I don't like it, either...but that's the way I see it. Neither a nutless Congress nor a Dem appointed AG are going to hurt her more than superficially. Write it down in your diary, you heard it here first.