Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sciatica Carry

Anyone got sciatica and like to carry IWB? Does the position of the holster aggravate the nerve issues back there?  Have you addressed the issue in any way if it does?


Siddhartha Priest said...

That's why I switched to AIWB, I would so much prefer to have it behind my hip, but after an hour or less it's to painful. Hopefully my back pain doesn't cause me to shoot my dick off. Because I carry AIWB I have switched to carrying a revolver for my dick's safety. OWB is fine though, except that I don't have an ass so I have to cinch my 5.11 instructors belt super tight. I lost 10lbs so far this month and hopefully when I loose the next 30 I will be able to carry a proper gun IWB, which is actually my primary motivation for loosing weight.

Ben C said...

I used to carry a 1911 IWB at 4 o'clock. Just made my back worse. I switched to an M&P9, it was a little less bad; then I tried an M&P9c, and it was a little less bad... Never was it good. I would bet I could get away with it for short times with my Kahr CW45 now that I have done a LOT of work getting my back better. Not sure I want to risk undoing that hard work though.

I switched to OWB with the M&P9, and it was better than the 9c IWB. I can deal with the OWB better, as I can move the gun a little farther forward onto my hip.

AIWB would be great, I just don't feel comfortable with it so it isn't happening.

The best things I could do for my back was to loosen my hamstrings and lower abs and build up my hip flexors and glutes. Hip flexors are a real SOB to try to isolate from your lower abs to build up one and not the other to get balanced again. Not sure this will help you, but it helped me a ton!