Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What did you do in class this last time,


Well, got to use the Dremel.  The big heavy duty cut off wheel and the half inch sander.  Oh, and the smith used the quarter inch pink stone on an area really easy to screw up if you are a n00b like me

Our barrel bushing had not come in, Saturday.  Boo!

Ok, the smith globbed on some metal to these areas:

And the Dremel and file work was mostly on the hood.  We shaped the lugs, yes, to get them to fit and for the link to pass between them but left the surface the slide stop rides on for another session.  But with the hood, we made it so it fit more closely in the slide.  The hardest part, the part left to the smith, was the extra stuff on the chamber side.  A gouge in the chamber is bad-bad and makes extraction difficult is the brass, upon firing, expands INTO a gouge.

But yeah.  Dremel work.  Me.  I did it.  Lots of pucker.  Very little 'dremel to fit'.  It's dremel (and please down screw up) then file file fit. file file file, fit, file, fit, file, fit, file, fit....  Two more light strokes will do it...  CRAP!   

Then, a lot of dressing of parts to remove burrs.  NOT polish stuff.  Like three passes on a medium stone for some surfaces of the sear and disconnector.  Dress the inside of the frame and the channel for the trigger.  Fit the trigger. 


As an aside, what do you think takes longer?  Accurizing a 1911, or fitting a grip safety to it?  Ugh, there is a lotta fiddly work needed for the grip safety.  So hope you get one that sorta drops in or live with the one you have.  And that is why we don't cover grip safety swap outs.

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