Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gun School Conclusion?

Nope.  We just did barrel links.

And I, personally, had issue with the damn ejector.  DAMN YOU SPRINGFIELD ARMORY.  You and me?  We're done.  Bastages.  How hard is it to drill a hole for the pin?  Stupid epoxied ejectors.  DONE!

Anyhoo.  Other than that it went great for me.  Looks like the class, in future, will have to be 5 full weekends instead of 4 or 4 and a half.  It's still a great class.  But 1911 gunsmithing will break your heart even if you are not a n00b.  With luck my issue will be fixed by the next class, then we can do the hammer sear fitment, then done.  Extractor tension, I am happy with.  But that is easy to fix.  Ejector tuning, once mounted on the gun, isn't hard either.  I am confident I can do that unsupervised if I have to.  But stoning the hammer hooks or the sear?  Nope.

If you can do that, just the hammer hooks and sear, good, you can make some serious bank smithing.  All this other stuff we've been doing is just to make lockup tighter.  Add a good trigger in the mix, and you have a really good gun.  Just do the trigger, and you have a really decent gun.  Trigger and sights, quick turnaround when you are skilled, and half the problem.  The other half is lockup. 85%+ of the class has been getting better, tighter lockup.

You master those two big things and the next step is custom 1911s from the bare frame up.


Anyhoo.  I have to go type a very angry letter.  On a manual typewriter.  So I can hit the keys hard, as though I was angry.

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