Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gun Ownership

I think most people have come to the conclusion, last week when all the hub bub was a bub-hubbin that the "record low number of individual gun owners" in the US was a canard.

There were oddities about who was funding some of the surveys with a wary eye toward the Joyce Foundation.  TAINTED!

Of course, the pollsters couldn't just hand-wave there were fewer guns.  There is no much evidence to the contrary with month after month of record NICS checks.  They have to account for that, so they say it's just gun nuts with lots of guns buying lots more guns.

Ok, this is true.  Anecdotally.  I know firearm enthusiasts.  And they are buying extras, yes.

But other anecdotal facts...  I know as many first time buyers as I have met gun nuts buying 'more'.  Now my sample size is in no way scientific, but it can't be ignored.  Also, the number of extra women that have been buying gun has been noted.  Traditionally not a demographic that bought up firearms in the past, when you go from near none to a noticeable increase in an untapped market that is something, isn't it?

And NSSF and Gary Kleck has noticed that get less of a 'No' bias when you ask a household if they have guns than you do at the front door poll taker.   I've become much more cantankerous, personally.  Anyone at the front door gets a varied response.  It varied on the degree of profanity I lace into my "Get offa my lawn!" declaration.

There is no way to do it, bit if they could do an anonymous poll that crotchety bastard like me could trust to be open with, that might get an even more accurate result.  But therein lies the rub.


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