Monday, October 26, 2015

Extreme BOB

Good stuff.  Dips into the more paranoid side of 'Our Team' but that's ok.

I was thinking.  Fedgoons, as he likes to call them.  We saw that.  New Orleans and Boston after the Marathon.  They had to import so called 'goons' as there were not enough locally.  And to do a nationwide house to house search for all 300,000,000 firearms, assuming you get law enforcement and the national guard to sign off on doing such a thing (and they might not...), will take longer than a week.  Folks will notice.  Not just poor people in New Orleans that couldn't get out of the city or Bostonians long divorced from firearm familiarity and more citified and placid in the face of authority.  And the so called 'goons' had an exterior excuse.

Hard to maintain an excuse and do enough in time to get full forcible confiscation before people start to think and assemble and whatnot.  The so called 'goons' can't even round up cows in a remote ranch area without attracting attention from people that don't find that popular.

I don't think the State in competent or pervasive enough with willing participants on their side to get away with shenanigans outside of smallish area without a significant response.

Anyway, I need to re-read that for the good BOB nuggets.  Maybe another post if I think of something interesting.

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