Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Gun Banners keep saying that, and yet

Combat Vets Destroy the NRA’s Heroic Gunslinger Fantasy; The last thing a chaotic crime scene needs is more untrained civilians carrying guns.

There are precious few examples where gun fights erupt between a bad guy and a good guy more casualties than would have happened without a good guy result.  I can't think of one.  Also see all the Dodge City predictions when a state goes Shall Issue that never happens.

There is evidence the other way, tho...  Also tons examples of folks with zero training effectively defending themselves with a gun from a bad guy.  Even the Bradys admit to over 100,000 a year. 

I look forward to someone correcting me with additional facts.  But The Nation may be full of hooey.  Whole lotta strawmen in there, as well


W Fleetwood said...

Gosh Mr. Bolt, I thought you knew; The Nation is a clone of the old Pravda, only they decided to leave out Pravdas' high standard of ethics and rigorous fact checking.

Gregory Milewski said...

The antigunners are good at beating the hell out of straw men. I don't see folks on the pro gun side suggesting that concealed carry is a replacement for swat raids. All the talk about figuring out where gunfire was coming from in combat may be true but its also irrelevant. I'm pretty sure the poor folks in that Oregon classroom knew exactly who the shooter was and where the gunfire was coming from when he started executing him. Someone with a concealed carry gun in that classroom could have potentially stopped him before the trained professionals showed up. That's the point.

Gregory Milewski said...

Executing them*. Also this scum bag, like most of the scum bags before him, didn't die from police gunfire. He killed himself. Most of those cowards kill themselves at the first sign if arm resistance. I suspect that there mere presentation of a concealed weapon would be enough to cause the shooters to eat their own bullet, without the concealed carrier even firing a shot.