Thursday, October 8, 2015

I am no longer welcome

I was born a Methodist  (Grandparents were...  Dad was a while but had drifted away quite a bit before my birth, but really, that is 'by birth' right?)  Now I am no longer welcome in any Methodist church, anywhere.

"The United Methodist Church that has been one of safety and sanctuary, every United Methodist Church is officially declared a weapon-free zone."

I am the weapon.  My knife, my pistol, my shoe, the candlestick I grab, a hymnal... there are just tool to make it easier on myself.

I am the weapon and now I am not allowed in the church.

Not very Christian of them, is it? 


Charles DuPre DeAntonio said...

All the mainline denominations have been overtaken by liberalism, from the seminaries down. They are also in decline. Conservative, or, as I like to call them, orthodox Christian churches allow parishioners to pack heat because they understand that the world is a dangerous place and that human life should be protected.

The reason churches are targeted by shooters is because it is widely known that they are (mostly) gun free zones and that makes the UMC part of the problem they naively wish to solve.

burkdoggy said...

In Nebraska you can't legally carry in a house of worship even with a CCW. Unless you happen to be a listed member of said house of worship's security detail. Some churches have the policy that should any shit go down and you happen to get involved in saving the day, your name goes on that security list quickly.

Mike W. said...

I am willing to bet my church (not methodist) is NOT gun friendly. Oh well. I carry there anyway. Because seriously, lots of people in a smallish space, small, narrow areas of exit. Bad guy could hurt a lot of people in such a place, and he could be between me and my only exit.