Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maryland Gun Politics

Former Governor of Baltimore O'Malley is still hanging his hat on gun control, and wants to drag the Democrat Party down with him.

He still likes the old canard that the NRA is in the pocket of the gun industry.   That the NRA exists to sell guns.  Like the gun industry is some huge monolithic cartel with trillions in sales.  Hey Marty, do you think and O'Malley administration will see more guns sold compared to, say, a Carson administration?  Yeah... 

Meanwhile, the liberal Baltimore newspaper conceded that guns are here to stay.   Glad they recognize that.   But there is a lot spewed nonsense in that piece.  For instance:

"When a group of young women at the University of Texas proposed to carry dildos openly on campus to protest a law allowing guns on campus, the proponents of this joke met with a storm of abuse, including death threats. Apparently the Y chromosome cannot bear to be mocked."

Liberal reporters never seem to see the death threats coming from the other direction.  And when Socialists talk about killings, I take notice.  Due to their history for the past century.


Old NFO said...

At least B'more has had to recognize the 'truth', since their murder rate is off the charts, compared to the historic rates... sigh

Daniel Watters said...

I noticed that in Hillary's latest campaign ad, there is a woman wearing a "Moms Demand Action" t-shirt front and center in the crowd.

Erin Palette said...

Does this mean if I make a gun that looks like a dildo I can openly carry it?