Thursday, October 15, 2015

Trip Down T-Bolt Blog-Memory Lane

One of my more popular posts, from 2011, back when everybody and Adam's off Ox were switching to 9mm again.

I am more willing to switch over to 9mm now, and simply ditch the .40.  4 years ago I leaned toward .40 because I had .40 and didn't want to clutter up the ammo storage room with something new.  I still don't want to clutter up the bunker annex, but I'd just get rid of .40 and replace it with 9mm.  If you aren't going .45 because reasons, don't go halfway and just downshift to .40.  Take full advantage of what the 9mm has to offer in cost capacity and recoil manageability.

That said, I'm still nowhere near that place where I can see myself bring a 9mm home.  I'm just now getting good 1911 action, both in my skill level and the guns I am modifying myself with close supervision from a real gunsmith.

I guess I can always make a 1911 in 9mm....   No no.  That way lies madness...

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Bob said...

There's already a perfectly fine Browning-designed 9mm, the Hi-Power. Hungarian clones of the Hi-Power can be purchased for under $400, and will give you gunsmithing practice on the platform. :)