Monday, October 12, 2015

Why are they still talking about ballistic fingerprints?

Maryland dropped this in 2013...  I thought.  From March of THIS year, that article.

For those of you unaware.  New York and Maryland had a system where every pistol sold, new, you had to send a spent case from that pistol to the State Police, where they would be able to use the ballistic markings the gun leaves on the brass to help them solve crimes.  The word on the street was they only 'solved' 2 crimes.  And those were slam dunk investigations where they dipped into the ballistic database to prove a point.  But apparently the latest info is that 26 cases were done, in part, using this system.  Averaging 2 a year.

It hasn't been funded, really, since the post Sandy Hook legislation came down the pipe.

Bureaucratic inertia keeps it alive.  Let it die.  It's a boondoggle.  A waste of police resources.

Something occurs.  I modified my 1911 a LOT doing the custom rebuild.   Firing pin, extractor... Even parts of the chamber geometry is differnt.  No way the spent case that came from this gun when new is the same as a spent case today.  Heh.  Good thing for the police I don't engage in street level pharmacological retail competition dissuasion and whatnot. 

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Arthur said...

I knew about the case deal because it was included with the new guns I bought.

"Hey! One piece of free brass, WTF!?!"