Sunday, June 26, 2016

80% Lower Safety Tip

If you decide to make an 80% lower into a gun, then later decide the gun needs gunsmithing work, well...

It's gonna be hard convincing a gunsmith to work on it.

You see, no serial number. 

I've seen these lowers get kicked out of more than one gunstore that did smithing, with my very own eyes.


BC said...

The main reason they get booted is that they have no serial number. Get a set of number punches and whack one into the side of the receiver before any paint/cerakote/anodizing and you should be quite a bit ahead of the completely blank 80% guys.

Windy Wilson said...

I was going to say what BC said. Put your own S/n on it.
Wilson JK-00001.
Or, if you want to really worry the hoplophobes,
Wilson JK-100500025.

C Proescher said...

I'd have thought 'most gunsmiths' would do what they do when they receive a pre-'68 firearm with no serial number. Do these 'smiths know the ATF already has a procedure to follow in these cases?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oh he knows. He also know that for some reason this guy in his store made a gun without a serial number after 1968. Which is fine. And probably not nefarious at all. But it's not like his work log isn't backed up 9 months already. Why risk it? Maybe for a customer he knows and has done a bunch of work with.