Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Guns, not just for Millenials anymore

A buddy, The Beard, his best gal is a casual shooter.  He's a casual shooter.  Now HER old Octogenarian father went and bought his first gun. 

We are winning. 

The old guy got a CCW, too.  I need to get The Beard to check the details of what gatt he got.  He doesn't sound like the feeble sort, so...  Prolly nothing like a .22.  The reasons appear to be "something fun to do, hobby-wise" and a dash of "I'm old and worry about being victimized."

First owned gun at 81.  Not bad.   He's got a weird grip, I am told, but tight groups.  Whatever the Army teaches you in the 1950s apparently stuck with him.

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Windy Wilson said...

The military can do that. I remember waaaaay back when I was 13 years old my father got a lever action deer rifle and he and his friend, and me, and my brother went out to somewhere in the desert north of LA to try it out. I shot it and his friend's bolt action .22. I remember my dad saying that he qualified on an M1903 in the Seabees in 1942. He said something about the Drill Instructor's boot being instrumental in remembering how to shoot as accurately as he did.