Saturday, June 25, 2016

Roll Dirty?

Rolling Dirty?

In Maryland?

Jeez, I dunno if that is a good idea.

And even if I half considered taking that sort of risky action, how would I tell all you readers about it?

I do CCW where ever I legally can.  Unless I am wearing a Speedo swimsuit.  Mmmmm, nearly nekkid.

And I go to the range a lot these days.

But if you roll dirty, you gotta be chill.  Roll cool, man.


Windy Wilson said...

Yeah, keep it on the down-low. I don't care to know and the people who want to know shouldn't know. We'll get to the point where we're playing Cowboys and Robbers soon enough (Why now, the kids are too young and I'm too old for this crap), and it won't matter, but until then, the third S in SSS is the rule.

B said...

Post your (illegal) plans online....Beforehand? And that isn't exactly a low profile vehicle. Ford Van (white) is better. Or an older Explorer. or any number of other vehicles that will blend in. Upgrade the engine, but keep it Low Profile.

People are stupid sometimes.