Thursday, June 30, 2016

Intergenerational Warfare

"Brexit proves Baby Boomers should get less of a vote."

Too late now.  Shoulda brough up disenfranchising beatniks and hippies 50 years ago when it coulda done some good. 

Gen X tried to warn you Millennials, but you wouldn't listen.

At least when Boomers got political, it was out of fear of the Draft, and then they made halfway decent music for a time.  You youngster got political, I think, because you are a lazy and all your music is wretched.  

I told you 15 years ago.  But a house.  30 year fixed.  No refi to consolidate other loans but to lower   payments.  Buy used cars.  Don't carry a balance on the credit cars.  If you have access to a 401k but don't use it you are leaving YOUR money on the table.  But you shooed me away.  Now look at you?

And you don't fix Boomers by doubling down on the crap they got wrong.  Like socialism.  Jeez.

Stay off my lawn.

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