Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For the Record

I am not a Crazy Gun Rights Activist.  I am just a regular schmoe.  Like almost every other American, I own a gun or two.  I am so normal you'd barely notice me in public.

I am not the enemy.  At most I am your political opponent.

I didn't kill anyone in a club last weekend.  I didn't do that.  That is not my fault. 

The Constitution of the United States didn't kill anybody last weekend, either.

Stop trying to pin this on us.

None of your gun control schemes would have prevented last weekend had they been in place long ago.  Except maybe that one where you suspend the 5th Amendment for folks on secret government lists.  But, being a fan of the 2nd, it turns out I am a fan of the other rights listed in the Bill of Rights. 

Do you Lefties want to live in a world where President Trump can ignore the 5th Amendment?  Something to think on...

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