Monday, June 27, 2016

Maryland Gun Laws

Maryland new restrictive gun laws went into effect in late 2014.

2015, the first full year after they were in place, Baltimore had the highest increase in homicides in the nation.

127 extra killings since the gun restrictions.  In one year.  In one smallish city.

I'm not saying correlation implies causation, but CORRELATION IMPLIES CAUSATION!

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Old 1811 said...

I agree with your premise, but there's another factor to consider.
2015 was the year that the Baltimore PD (and other departments around the country) decided to de-police out of self-preservation, and adopted the FIDO method of policing.
In Baltimore, the six coppers were indicted on June 1, so the year is broken almost exactly in half, pre and post.
Did the surge in murder happen before or after June 1, or evenly across the year (compared monthly to previous years, of course; the summer months always have higher murder rates than the months at either end of the year.