Sunday, June 12, 2016

CNN reports

Today, right now, that the shooter was a security guard in his day job.

If true, that will short circuit their gun ban calls.  If he was arming himself with his work gun.  Is Everytown going to call for law enforcement to be disarmed too?  No.


Old NFO said...

Just wait... sigh

B said...

He bought them a week or so before.

Passed a NICS.

Had his CCL

Was a certified Security Professional: (another background check)

Investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security.

Brigid said...

Security guards don't carry. If he had a firearm it was issued to him as a civilian with no prior arrest record and no known mental health records

No increased gun law would have prevented this.

Mike V. said...

Brigid, not all security companies issue pistols. Some have approved pistol lists and the guards buy their own. I've read, and it's early so it's subject to change, that he bought the rifle and a pistol in the last week.

ProudHillbilly said...

Depends. Our security did.