Monday, October 3, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane

I saw this movie.

I had forgotten how much I like John Goodman's skill.  Just an excellent performer.

I recognized Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, so that was a little distracting.

I won't spoil to much but they spend a lotta time in a deluxe fallout shelter.  Really nice.  And anticipated being in that shelter for over a year, but...  I had some misgivings.

They talked about a generator, and had electricity, but what was powering the generator?  Where was it?  Fuel for over a year?

There were shelves of food in a storeroom.  Lots of supplies.  But a year's worth?  Where's the rest?

There was a garbage chute in the shelter.  How big is the space all the garbage is going for a year?

Where is the water coming from and where is the sewage going to?

They are pretty deep in the ground.  The living area would be like where a basement would be under your current basement.  On a farm in a flat area of Louisiana.  So I am concerned about flooding or the sewage or garbage backing up because there is no downhill from there.  

Hanging around survivalists makes me think of these things, these details.  And it takes my head out of the dramatic narrative.

Which is stupid, as my head readily accepts other fantastical details the movie offers up.  But despite all this post, it's a decent flick.  You'd like it.  Go ahead.

Gun content:  John Goodman has a what looks like a bog standard S&W Model 10.  That's it.

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