Sunday, October 2, 2016


I stopped drinking for a month last January.  I had read in some Brit news site that to quit for one month does wonderful long lasting help for all sorts of health areas.  Improves your cholesterol, your blood sugar, you liver numbers, your blood pressure.  And my annual physical is in February, so...

Plus I wanted to see if I could.  Not drink.  Because a week hasn't gone by since my teens when I hadn't drank some thing alcoholic.  Often a lotta something.  Maybe I had a problem?  So, if I can't quit for a month I'd know, "Yup, got a serious problem over here!"  But it was easy.  Much easier than smoking for example.  MUCH easier.

And I didn't want it to be a problem.  I love beer.  I was a Head Brewer for a LIVING through much of the 90s.  If it paid better I'd still be, maybe.  Beer is wonderful.  I didn't want it to be an enemy and was so happy it was not. 

So what did the Doc and lab results tell me last February?  What was the great benefits realized?  What were the side effects?

Very little.  Them Brit health folks lie.  Nothing budged.  The only impact was weight loss, and nothing budged.  It bound me up like Dick's Hatband.  Losing a few ell-bees was nice, though.  For that alone, it was worth it. 

So worth it I decided to not drink in September too.  But THIS time I invested in fruit juices with added fiber.  Boy, howdy!  That helped ease things a bit. 

That was September.  This is October, of course.  So by the time this publishes I will be hungover.  Probably. 


Marty said...

Next time you visit we need to go to Old Bust Head for a few. I'd break my embargo for that!

Borepatch said...

The Queen has me on a 2 week no booze diet. The goal is to drop a little weight. I guess we'll see.