Monday, October 24, 2016

9mm Update

Thinking some more.

Thinking, "T-Bolt, you have plenty of guns.  You are covered man.  You are gonna MAKE guns in the future, probably, and then you'll have more.  What is this new gun and new caliber FOR?  Other than something that might be fun.  Not that there is anything wrong with having something for fun.. But is it for anything else, really?"

Hmmm.  I don't know, me.  Those are good questions.

No GLOCKS!  Not my style.  More likely to get a C96 in 9mm or a Boberg than a Glock.  Even a S&W.  Too ho-hum.  Did you see the part about "this one also shoots .22TCM"?  That is not ho-hum.


Tam said...

"Not my style."

It's not jewelry. Are you buying something to bust a cap in a fool or to match your shoes?


That is fundamentally unserious.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yes, style. I want something interesting. I have utilitarian stuff. That was the first thing.

Don't let your employer let on the advertisers that the advertisers are wasting their time and everyone can have the same Model T Ford in black laquer forever and ever amen.

And don't you own a whole bunch of 100 year old .32s?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I don't think a body is unserious for owning a lion gun, even with no intention of going to Africa for a safari. Kinda cool actually.

Tam said...

I apologize.

I completely missed the fact that it was just a fun gun. Heck, buy one of those .22LR MP-40 lookalikes. :)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Pfff. No problem. You get a lotta leeway in the arena of comments sections, anyway.

Sorta looking for a fun 9mm. As a stepping stone to, perhaps, other 9mm.

Heck, I wonder how much a real MP40 goes for nowadays... TO THE INTERNETS!

Ratus said...

So, Styer-Hann?